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Raiffeisen Flüssigfutter GmbH

The Raiffeisen Flüssigfutter GmbH has been producing liquid feedstuff from high-quality by-products of the food industry on the Railog site in Lüdinghausen since the middle of 2014. RFG is a joint venture of the Raiffeisen cooperatives in Lüdinghausen and Ascheberg as well as the AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG.


PIG SLK is a liquid supplementary feed made from whey, steam-peeled potato peels, wheat stillage and confectionery, and is used for fattening pigs, sows and piglets.
• Whey is a fluid product with an acid/ salty taste and contains high-quality whey protein.
Steam-peeled potato peels
• Steam-peeled potato peels contain a high percentage of digested starch and have a sour taste. The structure of the steam-peeled potato peels keeps the feed in suspension.
Wheat stillage
• Wheat stillage is a domestic raw material and a good source of protein.
• Confectionery has a high energy content and is very palatable and digestible.
The mixture is very palatable and results in an excellent feed intake. The high content of lactic acid bacteria and the low pH value (3.5 to 4.0) promote intestinal health and reduce the amount of medicine required. Due to the lactic acid, no further feed acids need to be added and the salmonella status will be improved. The composition of the components improves the homogeneity of liquid feed, preventing separation. The product is stable, which means it can be stored for up to 2 weeks without being stirred, proper storage provided. Depending on the composition of the ration, the product can be used flexibly to take a share of 5 to 20 % in the dry matter.
PIG SLK is available all year round and is stored in a V2A tank.